2018 in to 2019

I've been pretty lazy of late. But not without good reason.

My work life has been exceptionally busy, as has my home life, and the two lives combined have made for a falling off of a number of my previously enjoyed activities. Blogging has been a secondary thought and, although I still get prompts and hints to write about, I just haven't had the time, or inclination to sit in front of my desktop and write. This will change in 2019.

Another previously enjoyed activity that has taken a back seat this year, or at least since August, is my gym membership. Not attending as regularly as I once did is not only ruining my fitness levels, but it's also financially incompetent - gym membership fees are not cheap! And to get no benefit of membership (actually using the facilities and classes) is really frustrating me. This, too, will change in 2019.

Work and family life seem to have overtaken everything - not in a bad way, as trips out with my daughter are one of the highlights of my week - but in a very tiring, nay, exhausting way! I'm struggling to find a balance. 

At work I seem to have been doing so much more too. Extra shifts - some even at a different store! Again, this has exhausted me, but it pays for the gym membership I never use!

2018 has been a tiring year. A year in which I have noticed a steep rise in pain levels - probably down to doing too much! True, we had a nice summer, but even heat has affected my health negatively. I now find myself battling a new onslaught of pain in my forearms - possibly down to too much lifting at work, but it could also be the start of carpal tunnel syndrome as it doesn't seem to be easing after rest (when I can get it) So, first task of 2019 is going to be much like the first task of 2018 - a visit to the doctor!

On the subject of fibromyalgia pain - 2018 saw me visiting the local hospitals hydro-therapy centre for a course of treatments. These are ongoing into 2019 and I'll write more about their effectiveness (or otherwise) in the new year.

That's it from me, for 2018.

Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and pain-free 2019. 


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