August Update: DNS Errors and High Humidity

Just four days in and already I'm fed up with August.

Pain is at an all time high and being made worse by the intense humidity. It wouldn't be so bad if I could get a tan to absorb some vitamin D but two things stop me, 1. I am unable to sit in the sun for any longer than five minutes (I am unable to sit ANYWHERE for more than five minutes) because of the intense lower back pain, and 2. We haven't seen the sun for longer than five minutes for the thick cloud cover! (I'm aware that we still absorb UV rays and therefore vitamin D through the cloud cover, but if the sun isn't shining, it's not sunbathing is it??)

Apart from pain and heat and humidity my fibro-fog is making me forget important things. My dog (Moley) was due at the vets today for his second booster vaccine against parvovirus. I forgot. I now have to make up an excuse to be late for work on Monday so that I can take him then (Dog vaccinations do not cut it with my employer!) and if he misses this second round he'll have to start all over again - at great cost to the McArthur family budget!

Yet another annoying little problem seems to have interrupted my domain hosting. It seems that upgrading hosting with my provider wipes out all of the additional DNS settings I'd set up to enable my Blogger blog to point to my domain of - apparently it's been like that since I upgraded in June, and as I've been having eye problems and avoiding the internet, I didn't notice the missing web pages until I posted about said eye problems two days ago! It's taken two full days of calls to tech support to fathom how to fix it!

Coming up later this month: Physiotherapy at the Pain Clinic. If it's as successful as the month to date I don't think I'll bother!


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