Recovery After Work - Day One.

It's day one of my four days off. At 23:30 last night I got home and began the long process of recovery from three evening shifts at work. By midnight I had seized up and could barely move to get into bed.

My shifts had been particularly quiet on Sunday and Monday nights due to our deliveries being late - there wasn't much to do with no stock to put out. The delivery arrived at around 9pm - so we had two hours to begin making in-roads into thirteen large cages of stock. We got about two done before having to face up (tidy the shelves of) the shop ready for the morning shift at 5:45am.

By the time I got to work last night the day shift had cleared almost all of the previous days delivery, but twelve more cages had been delivered. Needless to say it was a busy six hours of putting out the heaviest items of stock - large soda, tinned goods, water and booze!!

At work I push through the pain - it seems if I stop for longer than ten minutes I begin to seize up - specifically my lower back and hips / groin hurt really bad - but I get through it like the trooper I am!

Now, I've managed to get out of bed - it took me twenty minutes to throw on a pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, and I'm sat at my desk wondering if I'll be able to straighten my back when I stand up! This is how it will be for the remainder of the day. If I keep moving (even for short bursts) I should be improving by supper time.

Tomorrow will be slightly less stiff and Friday and Saturday I should be relatively free-moving, though still hurting as that never goes away.

By tea time on Sunday it will be time to go back to work and start the process all over again!

Fibromyalgia is such a bummer!!


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