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2017 - The Year I Found My Dead Dad!

As I approach the end of 2017 there's a lot to look back on. So many issues have caught my interest this year - Brexit, and what a mess it is being made of by the government - The 'Government', led by Theresa May who called an election in the hopes of raising her majority in parliament only to wipe it out completely, yet still she clings to power and continues to do so much damage to the social fabric of our country as well as our standing around the world. My main hope for 2018 is that Jeremy Corbyn's revitalised Labour party can sweep the tories away and begin the process of healing we so desperately need. ​But, my overriding memory of 2017 will be that I found my Dad. After more than twenty years Peter Smith (only my step-father but father in every other respect) was raised from the dead - quite literally! I had heard through the grapevine that he had died in 2009 and, since I hadn't seen him since around 1996 when he was in poor health after a motorcycle acciden