Eye Pain and Deteriorating Vision

This is my reason for not posting recently:

I had my eyes tested in 2009 aged 43. I'd been experiencing headaches so thought it might have something to do with eye strain - at the time I did  A LOT of computer work. The optician did all of the necessary tests and gave me an 'almost 20/20 vision' score. I did not need glasses.

By 2011 - just eighteen months after the first test where I got a near perfect result for vision, I needed spectacles for both distance and reading.

In 2014 my prescription was increased yet again.

And last September I was prescribed bi-focals with another increased prescription.

For the past two months I've begun to notice that my sight is getting progressively worse at a much faster rate. Less than a year since my last prescription was issued I now see much further through the reading section of my bi-focals than I do through the distance section. In fact, if I want to look at anything closer than four feet from me, I now have to use the reading lens over the distance one.

 If I go back to the optician they're going to charge me a small fortune to renew a prescription so soon after the last one - you can only access one NHS voucher every two years.

I'm wondering whether this rapid deterioration is down to fibromyalgia? I do get quite a bit of pain in and around my eyes from time to time, and they burn and water uncontrollably when they're/I'm tired. I also get a lot of headaches - but I know that's a linked symptom of fibro.

I want to know if rapidly deteriorating vision and eye pain is a symptom of fibromyalgia. Neither my optician nor my GP can answer the question.

Or am I just getting old? It could also be down to genetics - both my Mother and maternal Grandmother and Grandfather wore glasses from quite a young age (early forties)

Do you suffer with eye problems or sight impairment? And did it start, or has it got worse, since your diagnosis of fibromyalgia?  


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