The Week That Drained My Battery to Zero Percent

I've had an odd week, choc full of emotional stresses and extra hard additional hours at work!

Despite experiencing extreme fatigue I bravely (stupidly) agreed to do an extra long shift at work - 9am until 6pm on Monday and, despite pacing myself diligently, I have been paying the price ever since. Pain levels have been at a steady eight - specifically my lower back, hips and hands. And, speaking of hands, I uncovered a worsening of my Raynaud's Syndrome this week when my hands turned blue - this caused a niggling doubt, that grew into a fit of anxiety that it wasn't just down to Raynaud's and I convinced myself that I had a clot somewhere making my circulation suffer (I tried my best to steer away from Googling the symptoms - but my wife was also concerned and did it on my behalf! I wish she hadn't!)

Needless to say, I now have a 'Well Man' health MOT booked in for next Friday!

Wednesday saw me attending my fourth funeral in two years - a colleague from my wife's work who died whilst at work six weeks ago. The delay in having the funeral was because of the circumstances of her death - there had been an altercation with a shop-lifter immediately prior to her death and the police were seeking to connect her death with the altercation. It remains to be seen if the shop-lifters concerned will be charged with her manslaughter. My wife had worked with the lady for the past ten years and I too have reason to be grateful to her for helping me in the early years of my employment with the company. Her funeral was, as expected, a highly emotional affair for all concerned, not least those who witnessed her death.

Yesterday I had a completely static day - confining myself to my armchair and dozing for most of the day, and today I am just feeling exhausted but in a "more able to function" way.

I know emotional stress can worsen the symptoms of fibromyalgia and I have experienced a slight up-grading of pain symptoms in the past when I have been stressed, but this week has really taken the game to a whole new level with the added bonus of extreme fatigue and I can honestly say I've not experienced this before. Yes, I've been tired by the constant pain, but the added emotional 'pain' of this week has seen me unable to function due to exhaustion and, on a few occasions, actually falling asleep during the day. In the past I've always managed to function - albeit with a struggle. 

This week my emotions have mentally and physically drained to zero percent. I now need a full recharge before work begins again on Sunday.


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