How to Recharge Your Battery Whilst In Chronic Pain

I'm back to work tomorrow evening, after a week of high emotional and physical pain that has left me devoid of power, strength, energy, vavavoom!...whatever you want to call it. My get up and go has got up and gone.

I've been trying desperately to recharge my batteries prior to going back to work - with little success. The everyday, hum-drum 'normal' daily activities of life have conspired to keep my power levels at a steady zero. No amount of rest - and believe me, I've had plenty of that, - has worked to reduce my exhaustion and I've been going to bed exhausted and waking exhausted. No recovery. Not one jot.

I think I need to replace my battery or, better still, replace my whole body with a new model!

 I long for the days when I had that model of body that could do everything all day - work full time, drive at 8am for 28 miles to the office, sit in meeting after meeting, drive 28 miles home at 5pm then take the family out for a meal, or go shopping for a couple of hours, come back home and watch a film on TV and still have 20% charge left at bedtime. The days when sleep would provide a full charge and I'd wake on 100%, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the day ahead. Those days seem so long ago.

I feel as though I'm running an iPhoneX on a Nokia 6310 battery, with a faulty charger!

Does anybody have any tips, tricks, hints or suggestions as to how I can get myself fully charged again?


  1. ....

    ..funcercise.....i just walked/jogged through the park/forest for about, twenty or thirty min .Admiring trees, birds and discoloring of leaves, was " me" time. I was able to refocus, and eventually, REDUCE SYMPTOMS! I m also, returning to work and the redundancy , on their part has been costly and time consuming.....where I ripping and running more!

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