Warmer Weather Increases Fatigue

Thank God for Summer!

Soaking up the rays on a beautiful sunny day has masses of benefits for chronic pain sufferers. Not least because of the heat on aching limbs and muscles. The sunshine also increases levels of serotonin in the body - the happy hormone!

However, there is a downside I have noticed.

When the temperature hikes itself up above 25 degrees (Celsius) I've noticed that I get extremely lethargic. Not just slob-like, I mean exhausted to the point of not wanting to move, or falling asleep as soon as I sit down. Every movement is an effort of Herculean magnitude. I feel so heavy.

This is distressing because, on warmer days I'd love to get out and about - be it in the garden - pruning, weeding and trimming, or out visiting places with my family, but I just don't have the physical strength to do it unless I really push myself - and we all know what that can lead to.

On Wednesday of this week we took a long planned shopping trip by train to Manchester - two hours and twenty minutes sat down was always going to cause me problems, and it did. We were delayed getting in to Manchester Piccadilly station by about half an hour, so two hours and fifty minutes was the actual time I spent seated and, despite my feeble attempts to keep wriggling in my seat and stretching my legs as far as they could go in front of me every so often, by the time I had to get out of my seat I literally couldn't bend my legs at the hip joints to stand. The pain was so intense I began to panic at what lay ahead of me - a few hours walking round the city centre. If you've never been to Manchester, let me tell you it's a massive, sprawling City. I had, thankfully, taken a walking stick with me.

The weather was glorious. The sun was shining brightly and temperatures reached about 26C - and therein lay the problem for me! Almost as soon as the day began I became extremely tired, couldn't stop yawning and every step felt like I was dragging another 12 stone person along with me. Even with the walking stick to help me along I had to sit down every few hundred yards. We spent more time (and money) on coffees and food than we did shopping - in fact I came back with a packet of Wrigley's Airwaves chewing gum! We only saw a small fraction of the city centre, and we had planned to see so much more.

Our return journey was equally long - delays and crew shortages were to blame - and we got back to Middlesbrough at around 9pm, physically, emotionally and financially drained!

On the plus side - I slept for a full six hours that night - something I rarely achieve and the weather in Middlesbrough for the next two days was a cloudy, 10C - which helped with my recovery.

I'm wondering if anyone else feels like this when the weather hots up. Or is it just me?


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