Plodding On With Hope

The saga of my intensifying lower back pain continues.

I have finally convinced my GP of the severity of the pain I am in, not just periodically, but every minute of every day. He has, at last, decided to refer me to a back pain clinic - though this will be on the NHS so I may wait a considerable time to get there, but at least the wheel is in motion.

He has increased my dosage of Gabapentin to 900mg three times a day - it has yet to make any inroads into the pain! I am continuing to take eight Cocodamol  (30/500mg) per day, but I refuse to take the Naproxen he prescribed.

Luckily I find that my pain is reduced slightly whilst walking. This meant I was still able to attend work for my three shifts this week. This also resulted in a worsening of the pain when work had finished, but that's always the norm for me!  On the same note, sitting for anything longer than ten minutes results in increased stiffness in my back and hips, so this means I am becoming less able to dress myself - specifically lower half. Socks, shoes and trousers are becoming difficult!

The intense lower back pain hasn't resulted in a lessening of my other fibromyalgia pains sadly. So I still get all the other aches and pains and belly ache and insomnia and headaches - my life is definitely full!

Not only do I now have a referral to a back pain clinic, I also have my general pain management sessions to look forward to and, on top of all this, I have also gained my doctor's approval for a referral to the Centre for Infectious Diseases at James Cook University Hospital.  They provide intensive treatment for people with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia  (on top of their work with tropical diseases!) This referral will happen once I've seen the back pain clinicians. Hopefully this will lead to more intensive tests to rule out other potential causes of my suddenly worsening pain - we all worry that our regular GP might miss something by putting every new symptom down to fibromyalgia!
So, I'm plodding on with the pain but with renewed hope!


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