Moley - The Rescued Dog that Rescued Me! !

Meet Moley.

Moley is my four year old Border Collie. He arrived at his new home on Saturday 17th March 2018 and has settled in nicely as the newest member of the family.

Moley has had a troubled start in life, been neglected and abandoned in a barn on a Cumbrian sheep farm. Apparently, Moley wasn't the best sheepdog in the world being, as he was, scared of sheep!!! 

When he arrived with us he was extremely timid and anxious. He howled for the first two nights.

But I'm pleased to report that he's settled now - despite the attention (or lack of it) from our three cats, who he likes to round up, like sheep!

Moley is my new exercise provider! He's very energetic and a real live wire around the home. But he's very affectionate too, and I don't know how I've lived without a dog for so long.

Instead of focusing all my energy on being ill, I now have Moley to take my mind off things.


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