Fibro, Chronic Pain and Sleep Issues.

Sleep deprivation is a big thing with me right now.

I don't know what it is that keeps me awake at night - random thoughts, pain - it could be either, or both. But one thing I do know is that it is becoming a massive problem.

Last night I got just four hours sleep. The night before I managed five and a half and the night before that I got just three hours of slumber!

I've tried every trick in the book. From counting sheep, relaxing baths, listening to my music, not listening to my music, not watching any electronic device for two hours prior to going to bed - that just made my mind wonder what I'd missed in the news! -  to drinking way too much (I know alcohol doesn't do that, but I just needed to black out! - Anyway, it just gave me a mahoosive hangover the next day as you would expect and the depressing part is - the headache started BEFORE I got to sleep, so it kept me awake!) Hell, I've even tried smoking a joint! NOTHING WORKS!

I've written in the past about insomnia in fibromyalgia patients - the last post provided a whole host of potential solutions - see: How Do You Sleep at Night?  and I've tried every one of the hints and tips posted there - all to no avail. I either have a truly overactive mind or my pain just won't allow me to sleep.

The sleep I do get leaves me completely exhausted anyway, so sometimes staying awake is a better option than waking from a poor sleep and feeling even worse than I did before I slept. I never wake feeling as though I've had a good nights rest. My body seems to seize up overnight and I wake stiffer than a well starched shirt collar. 

I've tried staying awake until sleep comes naturally and ended up being awake for well over forty-eight hours. After which I slept for just five hours.

My sleep problems started way before I was diagnosed with fibro. I've always been a fitful sleeper. I remember being about five or six, at my aunt's hotel in Scarborough, and being up at three in the morning. Just sat on my bed wondering what to do to get back to sleep. I also remember Christmas mornings, every year being wide awake at midnight - listening for hooves and sleighbells on the roof, then drifting off and waking again - but W - I - D - E awake at two - right through until five, when I'd attempt to wake my mother with "Has he been yet?" (Perhaps that's just most kids!) But, even when I got married, my wife would moan constantly that I was keeping her awake fidgeting about in the bed and, to this day, she's constantly shouting "Are you still awake?" at me during the night.

Sleep and me just don't mix, I guess.

And I know it's the same for a lot of fibromyalgia patients. Some do find a way to get some refreshing, restorative sleep I hope, and I'd love to hear how they manage it.


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